What to Expect in the Mini-Course

  • Better Options than Forex

    Forex is incomplete without a way to HEDGE. So how do you hedge your risk? Not a stop loss. I'll explain in this course.

  • Seasonality

    Four Words: High Probability & Low Risk Seasonality is the market's natural rhythm-an established tendency for prices to move in the same direction around similar time most years.

  • Micro E-Mini Futures

    Do you have small capital to trade? Or do you want to hedge your futures trades and lose LESS MONEY? I'll walk you through how to get started.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

  • 2

    Welcome to Talkin Options: A Better Option Than the One You Had Before

  • 3

    Four Dimensions of Trading

    • First and Second Dimensions: Price and Time

    • Third Dimension & Fourth Dimension: Sentiment & Momentum

  • 4

    Mechanics of Electronic Trading

    • The Quick & Dirty to Electronic Trading

    • Opening a Simulated Account with TOS

    • Charts

    • How Does a Trade Work? NOTES

    • Placing the Trade: NOTES

    • Think or Swim Playlist

  • 5

    Futures & Seasonality

    • Three Reasons to Trade Futures over Stocks

    • Intro to Futures & Risk

    • What's Seasonality?

    • Volatility in the Commodities Market

    • How Trading Futures Works: A look at corn


  • 6

    Options Trading

    • Options Trading 101

    • How to Trade the Options Chain (using TOS)

  • 7

    BONUS: E- Mini Futures - Trade Small to Ball

    • NEXT (small) BIG THING: Micro E-Mini Futures