Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's Talk Options!

    • Let's Manifest Market Money

    • What You Need to Talk Options

    • How This Course Will Change Your Life

    • Signing The Roster -Check-In

    • How to Use Less & STILL Manifest.. Your Capital Questions

    • The Most SIMPLE & EFFICIENT Trading Set Up

    • How To Use Our Trade Alerts

    • Shall We ThinkorSwim ?

    • Financial Astrology with Susan Abbott Gidel Interview

  • 2

    Back to the Future(s)

    • How Futures Will Make YOU Consistent Profit

    • 'Keep In Minds' if You Trade Stocks & Futures

    • These Fundamentals WILL Change Your Trading Strategy

    • Daily Guide For Navigating Futures Sectors

    • Real Life Scenarios For Futures Traders

    • THREE Important Lessons To Chose the BEST Futures Trades

    • When Trading G.O.D. , Winnings Shall Prosper

    • Test your learning

    • Money in the Micros - How To

  • 3

    Manifest Market Money Strategies via Options

    • The Ultimate Way to Earn & Hedge at the SAME Time

    • Everything You Need To Talk Options

    • A Hedged & Paid Trade is a Just a CALL Away

    • Manifest Capital in Falling Markets - Stay Put

    • Better PUT Insurance on It!

    • When to Stay PUT vs. When to Make the CALL

    • Make Thousands Understanding These Options Contract Details

    • Time IS The Essence - How To Improve Your Losing Trades

    • WEBINAR: Learning Thinkorswim

  • 4

    Hop On The Options Chain

    • Breakdown or BreakEVEN?

    • Why Thinking Like a Dealer WILL Fix Your Trades - EXPLAINED

    • The Auction : Buy & Sell Like a Dealer

    • How Much Is It Worth? A Quick Lesson On Money & Moneyness

    • How To Have A Sense of DIRECTION & Pick Better Trades

    • How Much Is It WORTH? - Ask This Before Every Options Trade - EXPLAINED

    • Test your learning

  • 5

    The Edge to Options Trading - Getting PAID to Trade

    • How To Get Paid in EVERY Trade?

    • HIGH DEMAND: Must See Strategy - Vertical spreads

    • Getting Paid to Trade & Hedge - Strategy EXPLAINED

    • Two Strategies to Get PAID to Trade in ALL Markets

    • Great Article by Carley Garner on Selling Options.

  • 6

    BONUS: Fast Cash with Weeklies

    • Weeklies - How to Make Weekly Paychecks Trading Options (Part One)

    • Trading Weeklies - Use this Strategy to Make Weekly Paychecks with Dividends

    • Weeklies - Use this Strategy to Make Weekly Paychecks and Dividends (Part Two)

    • Weeklies - How to Make Weekly Paychecks without Owning Shares Using This HOT Strategy (Part Three)

    • This Strategy Can Turn a LOSING TRADE into a Winner

    • Avoid Beginner Mistakes with These Golden Rules of Covered Calls

    • Check this Guy Out!! Super Resourceful for more on Covered Calls

  • 7

    Techy Technicals

    • Make Better Entries & Know Your Estimated Profits with THIS Strategy

    • Every Product Has its Own Personality...These Bars Help You See it

    • This Tool Let's You Really Visualize The Pattern & Find Entries

  • 8

    Next steps: Time to PRESS THE BUTTON

    • Managing Your Portfolio - Press the Button

    • Be Proactive To News Events - This WILL Improve Your Trading Judgement

    • When Trading Options.. Timing is Key - - AVOID THIS BEGINNER MISTAKE

    • Before you go...