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What's Included?

Over 80+ hours of personalized videos on essential options trading guides and strategies. Access to LIVE real-time alerts throughout the day to make a WEEKLY paycheck. Exclusive partnership with one of the only first retail platforms giving high probability and low risk trades.

  • Exclusively Valuable Weekly Alerts Straight to Your Phone (Value = $997)

  • NEW Extensive 'Options Hustlas 101' Course​ (Value = $1997)

  • Access to LIVE Trade G.O.D Videos to AVOID Common Trading Mistakes ($297)

  • ​BONUS: Video Training on how to identify quality trades for passive income from three strategies. ($1,297)

  • BONUS: So many additional bonuses, they won't even all fit in here!


  • How much money do I have to put in an account to trade futures and options?

    ALL NEW TRADERS SHOULD TAKE SIMULATED TRADES. At your own risk, I suggest at least 5-10k.

  • Do I need to take the mini-course first?

    All coursework from the mini & full course is included in this membership. If you choose to close membership, you will lose access to coursework.

  • What broker and platform should I use?

    I only use Thinkorswim with TD Ameritrade in this membership for cohesiveness. But there are other options like tastyworks, eTrade, Fidelity - they all have their own platform.

Pricing options

The average person stays in our membership for at least a year. Treat yourself with a 50% discount and choose Annual.